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Офис менеджер

Real Estate Company Realtor.ge is pleased to announce a vacancy for position of Office Manager.

For current position, the cover letter is important and required! (Preferable in English, Russian and Georgian languages).

Note: Without cover letter, the applicant will not be considered


1. Gender: Female;
2. Age: 25-30 years;
3. Good communicating skills;
4. Ability to work individually and as a part of consolidated team; 
5. Experience in MS Office programmes;
6. Languages: Georgian, English, Russian (absolutely necessary);
7. Motivation letter (is very must).

Working hours: 

** Monday-Friday: 10:00-19:00.
** Saturday: 11:00-17:00.
** Sunday: Day off.

Salary: 900 GEL.

If you are interested in the position, please send your CV with photo attached and motivation letter with the document proving your previous work experience on email: office@realtor.ge 

For more information call: 032 2 471020.